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You might be able to help. The situation might also be completely natural and the animal may not need help.

If you cannot find your scenario please call the Wildlife Helpline at 306-242-7177. Between May – August we are very busy and must prioritize calls based on urgency but we will do our best to assist you as soon as possible!

Orphaned wildlife concerns make up about 70% of the calls to our Wildlife Helpline. It is important to distinguish between normal behaviour and real need. Many species of animals leave their young alone for long periods while they forage for food or to ensure their safety. It is during these times that they are vulnerable to well-meaning individuals, children and pets. Unless in immediate danger, always call the hotline for advice before removing young animals from the wild.

If you observe any of the following, the animal may need help. Please call our Wildlife Helpline and monitor the animal if you can.

  • Blood?

  • Old wounds or injuries?

  • Maggots or flies?

  • Missing or dragging wings or limbs?

  • Discharge from nose or eyes?

  • Missing fur or feathers?

  • Contact with cat or dog?

  • Dead parent or siblings nearby?

  • Lethargic behaviour, no movement, eyes half-closed, panting, gaping mouth?

  • Odd behaviour - running into things, nocturnal animals out during the day, too tame?

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