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We are a registered, non-profit organisation that is provincially and federally permitted to operate across the province of Saskatchewan. Since our founding in 2006, we have built a supportive network of dedicated volunteers who help us provide helpline, rescue and transport services.

At WRSOS, we believe that wildlife and humans can live together successfully. Our goal as an organisation is to facilitate the well-being of wildlife. We stand in solidarity among the provincial wildlife guardians in Saskatchewan and are dedicated to minimising wildlife suffering due to human interaction.


At WRSOS, we are wildlife rescue experts, providing insights and knowledge regarding the care, handling and welfare of wildlife. WRSOS is the "go-to" provincial group for reliable and dependable information.

We proudly operate as one of the province's most trusted resources when our wildlife needs the best opportunity to survive and return to the wild. With this goal always in mind, we promote understanding and respect for all Saskatchewan wildlife, as well as the education needed to build a sustainable environment for wildlife and humans.


To provide wildlife rescue services and education across the province of Saskatchewan. Our volunteers maintain a province-wide wildlife hotline and support our activities as a non-profit organization.


To stand in solidarity among the provincial wildlife guardians to minimize wildlife suffering due to human interaction. We act as the community link between our trained volunteers, our partner agencies and the wildlife across the region that require assistance.


  • To promote the successful coexistence, understanding and respect between humans and wildlife

  • To protect injured, orphaned or sick wildlife

  • To be wildlife rescue experts, providing insights and knowledge regarding the care, handling and welfare of wildlife

  • To provide education to help build a sustainable for wildlife and humans.

We provide assistance to wildlife in need, and the people who encounter them, through our wildlife helpline, trained and experienced helpline educators and field personnel 365 days a year.

The WRSOS has over two hundred volunteers and four paid summer student employees. We work with twenty veterinary clinics that volunteer their services free or at a reduced rate, and ten provincially licensed wildlife rehabilitators province wide. 


We provide public education regarding the need for intervention, how to manage a range of wildlife situations and how to prevent or resolve human-wildlife conflict issues. We not only improve wildlife protection but also raise wildlife conservation awareness in Saskatchewan through our hotline, website and events.


The Board of Directors consists of 7 individuals with a variety of expertise, who focus on governance and oversees the organization’s activities. We aim to have a diverse representation on the board each year, including veterinarians, social workers, wildlife rehabilitators, scientists, teachers, conservation officers, and accountants.


Our Management Team is composed of 6 individuals who focus on the planning and execution of our programs and objectives. They lead various aspects of the organization’s operations.

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