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Important – Caution should be taken with all rabies vector species. Animals that are exhibiting unusual behaviours such as too tame or friendly, aggressive, dumb–banging into things, wandering around in public or out when they should be sleeping should not be approached. Call the WRSOS Helpline for further information.

Adult mammals can be difficult to work with. Most are terrified of humans and do not do well in captivity or during capture.

Capture Myopathy is a disease that is not well understood and is associated with the stress of capture and handling of wild animals. Capture Myopathy occurs when an animal cannot cool itself; the key feature of capture myopathy is hyperthermia (overheating). When capture myopathy starts, it cannot be stopped and the animal will die. Adult animals and in particular, prey animals such as deer, are affected by this most often.

In many cases it is too difficult or dangerous to attempt to catch an adult mammal unless it is so weak from the injury that it can be easily contained. This means the animals chance of survival is greatly impeded already. Smaller or slower mammals can often be guided or coaxed into a carrier or tote.

Adult mammals require special consideration when encountered so, please call the WRSOS helpline for advice before attempting to capture an adult mammal.

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