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Wish List

We have become an essential service to the province of Saskatchewan – our services are completely free for the public to use but not free for us to undertake! We have lots of varying costs to keep our non-profit running so we need the public’s help to continue our important work. Our volunteers pay for a lot of supplies out of pocket – all of their gear such as cages, nets, rope, gloves, etc. are purchased by the volunteers themselves. We would really hope to be able to provide these necessary supplies to our volunteers but we simply don’t have the funds to do so.

We always accept monetary donations but if you prefer to donate items instead of money, we now have an Amazon Wishlist so you can purchase these necessary items for us! Please click here to see the list!

We are always looking for:

  • Cages/kennels;

  • Blankets/towels;

  • Gloves;

  • Nets;

  • Safety glasses/goggles;

  • First aid supplies;

  • Other miscellaneous rescues supplies (scissors, rope, etc.);

  • Go-Pros or video equipment for volunteers to use while on rescues;

  • Computers for volunteers/summer students to use;

  • We are also always looking for gas cards (Co-Op, Petro-Canada, Shell, etc.) that we can give our rescue and transport volunteers.

Contact us at for more details on how you can donate other items (such as the gas cards or gently used items) to us!

Thank you for helping us keep Saskatchewan’s wildlife wild!

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