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Help Us
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Make an impact. Help Saskatchewan's wildlife.

Introducing our new tiered donation plan. Your support can make an even bigger impact. Choose the tier that resonates with you, and together, lets help Saskatchewan live together successfully with our wild neighbours.

Raccoon Tier


This tier is a general donation, to be used for various operational expenses and to continue to support our volunteers province-wide.


Red-tailed Hawk Tier


For this tier, you will:

  • Sponsor safety & rescue equipment for one community in Saskatchewan.


Moose Tier


For this tier, you can choose to:

  • Sponsor helpline for one year; OR

  • Sponsor WRSOS Teen Street Team; OR

  • Sponsor our free children’s educational programming.


Snowy Owl Tier


For this tier, you can choose to:

  • Sponsor a volunteer for rabies vaccination; OR

  • Sponsor WRSOS gear for five volunteers; OR

  • Sponsor a volunteer for the IWRC Basic Rehabilitation Course.


Pelican Tier


For this tier, you can choose to:

  • Sponsor supplies for field stations; OR

  • Sponsor first aid kits & safety equipment for volunteers


Other Amounts

Please contact us! We are always looking for matching donations for fundraisers or even in-kind donations.

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